Derma Planing Razor 3 PK


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Derma Planing Razor

Why we love our Derma planing Razor:

Are you ready to remove peach fuzz AKA vellus hair and exfoliate dry skin. Our dermaplaning tool will help you say goodbye to dead and dull skin, while also being a super eco-friendly legend.

Who said beauty has to harm the environment? Our derma planing razors are made from wheat straw which means they are ecofriendly and biodegradable. Kind to your skin, pocket and environment.

Uniquely designed with fine micro guards to help protect skin.


- High-quality super stainless steel.
- Designed with a net blade, effectively prevents the blade from damaging the skin when trimming.
- Reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastic entering landfills each year.
- Made from 100% biodegradable wheat straw.
- BPA-free.

Easy to use:

- Wash your face with warm water to permit pores and skin cells to open up.
- Holding the skin taut with the facial razor blade at a 45-degree angle to remove unwanted hair and dead skin cells, use short strokes in a downward motion to remove hair, applying only light pressure.
- The derma razor will remove soft facial hair that traps dirt and oil leaving a fresh look.

- The gentle and precise blades helps smooth skin by gently exfoliating
- After you are done with removing hair, wash your face thoroughly.
- Once you are done, for best results it would be ideal if you cautiously clean the sharp edge, dry it, and add the safety lid before putting it away. Easy babe :)


- Material: Biodegradable wheat straw handle.
- Size: app. 14.3cm x 1cm
- Colour: Natural amazing beige colour.
- Lightweight and ergonomically designed.
- Weight: 25g

What you'll get:

-Quantity: Derma Razor 3 pcs

Note: each derma razor comes with a protective plastic cap that was taken just for picture purposes. Yes, we hate plastic as well but it's to protect the blade.
Please reuse and recycle at home! :)

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