Experience beautifully smooth skin with our eco-friendly dermaplaning tools

Asian women have been using Japanese facial razors to remove vellus hair (fine hairs known as peach fuzz) and dead skin cells for centuries.

Our dermaplaning razor is safe to use to remove hair at home. Dermaplaning is like an at-home facial exfoliation treatment. Our dermaplaning face razor can be used for dermaplaning or brow shaping.


What our Dermaplaning razor does

💚 Prevents breakouts and may reduce the appearance of acne scars.

💚 Removes dry skin and dead skin slough.

💚 Softens skin and can aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines.

💚 Helps to remove unwanted hair and dull skin for a fresh glow.

💚 Helps serums and peels penetrate more effectively.

💚 Suitable for sensitive skin. Our razors will not cause irritation or razor bumps.

💚 The perfect tool for smooth, glowing skin.


Please note: Dermaplaning exfoliation does not affect or cause hair growth


Make dermaplaning part of your regular skin care routine.