Mini Bamboo skincare mixing bowl


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Why we love our mini bamboo skincare mixing bowl:

As much as we love our original size bamboo mixing bowl, we are now offering you this practical and smaller size, perfect for a quick self-pampering moment! Again we’ve put together the handiest and sustainable sourced tools for your zero waste face mask mixing!


- Nontoxic sustainable source material: 100% Bamboo.
- 100% biodegradable: after uncountable uses, your bamboo bowl and eco tools will return to the soil without damage!
- Washable: unlimited washes.
- Reusable: uncountable uses.

Easy to use:

- Comfortable and smaller size: perfect for a quick facial at home or while traveling.
- Designed with all the eco tools you need from mixing to apply directly to that pretty face!
- Easy to clean: oil resistant and easy to remove any type of mask mixing.
- Easy to carry: very lightweight and easy to carry.
- Perfect for your fav DIY face masks.
- Convenient for everyday uses.


- Material: natural bamboo.
- Size: app. bowl: 6.7cm x 3.1cm - spoon: 10 cm
- Color: natural bamboo.
- Compostable packaging.
- Weight: 50 g

What you'll get:

- Quantity: 1 pc (includes bowl + spoon + brush)

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