Double Edge Safety Razor + 5 Shaving Blades


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Why we love our fabulous safe razors?

Kick out of your life those super harmful for the environment single-use plastic razors and prepare yourself for an amazing shaving experience with our reusable metal safety razors double edge. Enjoy a smooth and silky shaving result with way less irritation than single-use razors.
Our razors work perfectly with any standard double edge blade.


- Made from brass and zinc alloy which does not rust.
- Blades can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.
- 100% plastic-free.
- Zero waste.
- Long-lasting.

Easy to use:

- Shave in short, gentle strokes without applying pressure.
- Use shaving cream, gel, or a shave bar to help the razor glide.
- Take it slowly while getting used to this new way of shaving. Once you get the hang of it, you'll love it forever!
- The blade is double-sided, so you should expect to get around 6-7 shaves per side. Once blunt, replace the blade. Store used blades in a jar or container and contact your local council for the location of your nearest recycling facility.
- Store razor outside of the shower and allow it to dry between uses.
- Enjoy that silky and smooth already pretty skin!


- Material: brass and zinc alloy which does not rust.
- Size: app. 10.8cm x 4.3cm.
- Colour: Purple.
- Compostable packaging.
- Weight: 150g.

What you'll get?

- Quantity: 1 pc (razor).
- 5 replacement blades.

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